Seoski turizam - ugostiteljstvo
Country tourism - homemade dishes
Vl. Ivan Tomić, Čara - Korčula
Phone/Fax: (0)20 83 31 18
Mobile: +385 (0)91 560 11 68

Working hours: Monday - Sunday: 13 - 24 hrs
(from  June until end of September)

Konopica restaurant is situated 50 meters off the local road form Čara to Pupnat via Pupnatska Luka, 500 meters distance form/or before depending of entry point/ Čara side crossing with main island road.

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A pleasant ambience of complete serenity and peace, surrounded by olive trees, vineyards and pine forests. It is in close proximity to Čara and near picturesque bays such as Pupnatska Luka, ripna and Žitna.