splitska banka d.d.

The bank was established in 1965 to provide retail and corporate banking services. It is the largest bank in the region of Dalmatia and the third largest bank in Croatia by reference to total assets and retail deposits. The Bank has 11 branches, 30 retail offices and 29 retail outlets. As at 31st December 2000, it employed a total of 1070 staff. The biggest owner and the main partner of the Bank is UniCredito Italiano, Milano. Bank's head office is in Split, R. Boskovica 16. Branch "Korcula" is located in the town of Korcula, Plokata 19. travnja. Any client's (retail or corporate) desire can be made in this branch.

Plokata 19. travnja, 20 260 KORČULA - HR
Tel: 020/711-242, 711-052, 711-630
Fax: 020/715-420

Mon - Fri: 07.30 - 19.30, Sat: 07.30 - 11.30
Sun: closed