Apartments Žaknić, Karbuni - Blato
The house


Blato - Karbuni region, southwestern part of the island, 6 km from nearby places Blato and Vela Luka. There are about 20 houses in the village, small shop and two restaurants opened during the tourist season.

Family Žaknić offers 5 apartments:
one A/6+2, one A/4+1, three A/2+2. For more detailed description please visit their web site -->


Info & contact:
Mr. & Ms. Žaknić, Karbuni, Blato - HR
Phone: +385 (0)20 865-123 (Karbuni)
Phone: +385 (0)20 851-781 (Blato)
Karbuni region
View from the terrace

Karbuni region
The house front view

Inside the apartment for 2 to 4
Nearby beach
Inside the apartment for 6 to 8
Karbuni region