SENKA apartments
Pupnatska Luka
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Ms. & Mr. Unković, 20270 Pupnat - HR
Tel: +385 (0)20 71 70 38
Mob. Niksa: +385 (0)91 51 54 696
Mob. Šime: +385 (0) 91 58 40 760 or (0)99 50 11 342

Senka & Šime apartments are situated in the bay of Pupnatska Luka.
If you would like to arrive there on your own, drive to the village of  Pupnat, which is 12 km far from the town of Korcula or 25 km from Vela Luka. There is an new reconstructed asphalt road to the bay, just follow traffic signs to Punatska Luka.

There is a magnificent pebble beach is the best one on the island of Korčula. It is hidden in deepness of Pupnatska Luka bay. If having problems to get here your host will help you, even offer own transportation by car. Just give him a call while arriving on the island.


We rent to guests three apartments. First one is on the first floor, second one is above it on the roof level of the house, and third one is in the near (5 meters) separate cottage. All apartments are nice for 2-6 persons each. Please check the images below or ask your host for details. We use batteries with solar cells for electricity  (220V converter), gas for cooking and refrigerator. Water is from cistern, sun from above, fish from the sea, ...Inside the apartments are all as usual in this region, not luxurious, but there is everything you need, shower/toilet, kitchen (I hope you will rather use outer barbecue) rooms for sleeping, balcony or  what is most important large terraces you will like mostly.


Apartment 1 (first level)


Apartment 2 (roof, new)

Apartment 3 (separate)


The story about Šime and Pupnatska Luka ... Ivan (who took this images) arrived here few minutes before noon, right on lunch time. He knows when to arrive. What else to prepare for a lunc besides the fish. People here will look at you very strange if grilling meat or other industry food ...  Šime will help you putting everything to work in this nature, also with supply from shops (as there is no shops or restaurants), transportation to other places, ...