Apartments BISA
Racisce, location of the house
The apartment BISA  is situated in   the middle of the village Racisce (which is 12 km from Korcula). It has three 3-bed rooms (two double bed roms and one single bed), two rooms with balcony (view to the beach and bay of Racisce), kitchen with the grill, one bathroom and the ancient backyard. There is the beach 20 m from the house, and another 1,5 km very beautiful "VAJA" beach. The market, post office and the hotel restaurant is nearby. There is "Konoba" with local food specialities. 
The climate is very mild during spring and autumn, especially it is very favourable in May (when the nature is blooming and is abundance of plant fragrances), and in September/October when the sun is very mild, there is no wind (it is famous windless "bonaca") and the sea water is still very delightful.


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Acommodation Bisa
Tel: +385 20 710 802
Tel/fax: +385 21 385 926
GSM: +385 98 1636 021
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View from the balcony - view from the beach
Beach 20 m form the house