Apartments "Andrijic" - Brna
Vacation with Andrijic family
Andrijic family house
Brna  is a beautiful bay located on the southern coast of the island of Korcula, 3 km from Smokvica, 13 km from Blato, 30 km from Korcula and 20 km from Vela Luka. Apartments are located on the most western cape of the bay, close to the sea. With own private beach, close to tennis terrain's and restaurants, it is a perfect place to spend your holidays with friends far away from problems and duties.

Apartment Description
A***/4 Two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, shower/toilet, balcony
A***/2+1 One bedroom (double bed + single bed), kitchen with dinning space, shower/toilet, outdoor shaded terrace, air-conditioned
A***/2 One bedroom, kitchen with dinning space, shower/toilet, large terrace


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Mr. Alen Andrijic, Brna, Smokvica - HR
Tel: +385 (0)20 83 22 04
Mob: +385 (0)98  64 16 38 or (0)98 16 50 942



fishing with Andrijic family