The Quality of the Sea

One of the greatest advantages of Korcula and Peljesac as tourist resort is the unspoiled quality and clearness of the sea which surrounds it. The transparency of the sea reaches 21-25 meters. The currents are also characteristics of Korcula sea.
The general current, which flows from the West, varies with currents caused by various winds and the tide. It reaches its greatest speed in the Peljecac channel, where it can reach 4 knots. Wave activity has resulted in cliffs in the middle part of the South Korcula coast.
The sea relief around all the island of Korcula is favorable for fish colonies. There are 74 fishing grounds for small blue fish around the island of Korcula. Elevations in the form of plateaus and the rocky bottoms are the habitants for many fish.
The sea of Korcula and Peljesac also has an outstanding therapeutic quality, which has long been widely used.
Average sea temperature (Celsius)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
14.3 13.6 13.7 15 18.6 21.5 23.8 23.2 22.5 20.9 18.3 16.7