The island of Korcula - Croatia
location and area

The whole island of Korcula has an area of 275.86 km2. The island lies in the East-West direction. The longest line of the island, measured from the East cape of Raznjic to the West cape near the island of Proizd near Vela Luka, is 47.2km, and the widest line, which runs through Smokvica in the middle of the island, is 8 km. The narrowest line which runs near the mountain of Klupca, the heights point of the island at 568 meters, is 5.4 km. Rows of crest called vrsi, are the main agrarian surfaces and also form the nucleus of some settlements. The area North of the town of Korcula, across the sea channel, is dominated by the mountain of Sveti Ilija, 916 meters high. It slopes dive steeply North and South, partly into mountain ranges.

The island of Korcula is slightly curved in its middle part, its North and South coasts are concordant along all their length. They converge towards the cape of Raznjic to the East, but are divided to the West by a big bay - Vela Luka. The bay of Loviste divides the cape of Loviste from the cape of Osisac. The shortest route between these two parts is 0.8 n/m.

The island of Korcula is 7n/m away from the island of Lastovo and 9.4 n/m from the island of Mljet, that is, from the cape of Raznjic near Lumbarda to the cape of Goli on Mljet. The neighboring island of Hvar is 7.7 n/m away whereas the island of Vis to the West is 17 n/m away.
The distances from the closest Italian ports, from where the yachting tourists often come, are as follows; Ancona 169 n/m, Brindisi 145 n/m, Barletta 111 n/m, Bari 101 n/m.