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> The Tourist Board of Korčula founded the Festival in 1997 with the aim to recognize the rich heritage of sword dancing on the island, to present the dancing in its original ambience in villages and in the town, to create a pleasant atmosphere during the Festival for both people of Korčula and their guests, to bring together the societies from the whole island of Korčula, from other parts of Croatia and from other areas of the world to develop friendly relationships and mutual cooperation, and to support further advancement of sword dance societies with a favourable financial situation. Therefore the Festival was established in the town and on the island, to further cultivate the tradition of sword dancing that has existed here for more than 400 years. Almost every town and village on the island has its own dance society. The town of Korčula has two societies which "strike" Moreška, while a Kumpanjija exists in Blato, Pupnat, Čara and Smokvica, and the Moštra in Žrnovo.
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2005 - Festival discontinued
  2014 - Festival new beginning
> President of the Expert board: Dr. Goran Oreb
President of the Organisation board: Mr. Mihajlo Grgic untill 2005, from 2014 Hana Turudić
First secretary: Stanka Kraljević, prof