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F. Lombard Fr. - The Longobardi or Langobardi (ME Lumbarde, ML Lombardus < L. Langobardus), a people of Northern Germany, west of the Elbe, and afterward in northern Italy.

1. One of a Teutonic tribe which dwelt in the 1st and 2nd century on the Elbe, in the 5th century on the Danube and after their invasion of Italy in 568, chiefly in the Valley of the Po, which was the seat of the Lombard kingdom, spreading all over the Italian peninsula except around Ravenna,  and a short territory around Rome and extreme south, lasting until they were overthrown by Charlemagne in 774, as shown on the map "Europe in the Time of Charles the Great - 814".  Hence a person descended from the Teutonic Lombards or native of the part of Italy which derived its name from them. (see Dictionary - page 1283)

2. Lumbarde † Lombard - It is the same meaning, same name of the same origin, the same thing - "Genealogy" (Isto porodično stablo). Period.

3. When Narses became the governor of Italy he discovered a plot to overthrow his rule, so in revenge he invited the Lombards to seize Italy for themselves. During the occupation of Italy the Lombards (Lumbarde) overtook the extreme south (once referred to as Magna Grecia), and controlled Monte Gargano from which they could see the other side of the Adriatic and they sailed over the Adriatic to Corcyra island - today known as the town of Lumbarde.

4. The study of family ancestries and histories. Descent from an original form or progenitor, lineage, ancestry. [M.E. Genealogie <MF<LL Genealogia pedigree equiv. to genea race (see Gene) + logia-logy, genealogically, etc.]

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