island Lastovo

Bay of Zaklopatica on the island of Lastovo

Lastovo possesses all the basic characteristics of the Mediterranean climate dominated by mild, moist winters and warm, long and dry summers. The average annual temperature of the island is ca. 15C, while the average annual rainfall is 687 mm. The air moisture of the island is ca. 70% only in July and August falls to 65%. The dominant winds are Jugo (warm, moist and steady) and maestral (NW direction).
The island spreads over 50 square kilometers. Its dolomitic valleys are located between limy hills and they often contain layers of red soil and quartz sand. The valleys are often surrounded by mild calcareous slopes rich in caves.
The coast-line is mainly steep and the surrounding sea is deep. Although the covers are sparse, yet the island has two deep bays. One of them, Skrivena luka (sheltered port), is situated on the southern part of Lastovo, between the cape of Strizevo and the cape of Veljo more (great sea). Here the sea has made a deep cut into the land. The other bay formed by Veli Lago and Mali Lago connected by a narrow passage - Most (bridge) is located between Prizba and the village of Lastovo.
Lastovo is the Adriatic island richest in natural forests. Particularly various and lively is its underwater life. There are no richer fishing areas in the Adriatic than those of Lastovo, especially where small bluefish, lobsters and many kinds of high-priced food fish like John Dory and Grooper are concerned. On the island poisonous snakes simply donít exists.

... The Carnival of Lastovo
The carnival crowd, who up to the last century were armed with real swords, are followed at some distance by the 'beautifull maskers'. A lenght of rope measuring over 300 metres has been streched between the middle of the vilage and the hill in the background of the western side of the village. Down this rope the puppet will slide three times, with petards cracking under its feet. At each comming down 'Poklad' will be met by the drown swords ...
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The archipelago of Lastovo
The cluster of the rocky islands surrounding Lastovo goes devided into two groups. Among those to the west Susac is the largest one. The richness of watters has caused many a dispute among the fishermen of Lastovo, Korcula and Vis.