700th anniversary of naval battle before Korcula (1298 - 1998)
Sept 7th 1998. - Reconstruction of the naval battle in the waters of the Peljesac Channel
Battle ship in front of Korcula Battle ships in action mbitka12.jpg (20981 bytes) Kompanjija Pupnat Captured Admiral Dandolo Marco Polo mbitka17.jpg (24949 bytes) mbitka16.jpg (33825 bytes)
"Genoese galley" before Korcula on Sept 7th. "Battle ships" in action in the waters od the Peljesac channel. More than 20 "galleys" were on the scene. Badly damaged "Venetian galley" The Crew celebrating victory More than 7000 soldiers, sailors and rowers were killed, and 7,400 captured, including Admiral Dandolo (Tonci Bazdaric as Admiral Dandolo) Captured Admiral Dandolo and Marco Polo (Tonci Petkovic) Lamba Doria (Zlatko Padovan) celebrated his victory in the town of Korčula all night through ... Captured Marco Polo (Tonci Petkovic) in front of the prison.