Korčula - September 6th 2005.
707th anniversary of Naval battle - Korčula 1298 - 2005


Video by Ivan Grbin


One of the biggest naval battle in the Middle Ages took place in vicinity of Korcula town, just in front of promontory Raznjic near nowadays Lumbarda.

Today is the 7th of September, Annus Domini 1298. In the house of the Polo family, Marko Polo and the famous Venetian admiral Andrea Dandolo. With their entourage and the city guard and other soldiers are ready for the sea battle.

They enter the nearby St Peter's church and ask God for help. At the cry of a soldier that the Genoese are arriving, the company descends through the main street of the city and the tower of Revelin as far as the eastern city port where the Venetian armada is waiting for them. Marko takes the family banner to his galley: "Three crows and the lion with wings will confront Genoa!". Dandolo encourages the knights and says "Let's fight for our home, freedom and honor. Let Korčula weave bay-wreaths for our heads!". Admiral Lamba Doria from Genoa arrives in front of the city walls with his galleys. The battle of Korcula begins.

All ends by sunset.

Marco Polo returns in chain. "Korcula, here I am! Marko returns to you but as a slave". Dandolo weeps bitterly while Doria laughs at them. At that moment, Marko's courageous spirit and love towards his  city are awaken and he says solemnly: "Even if the body is in chains, one's mind is free. Korčula, the pearl of the world will live for ever!"

Before soldiers take him away, he says: "Come all of you with me to pay homage to our heroes!".

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