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The International Marco Polo Center - Korcula and
The International Marco Palo and Silk Road Cultural Center - Beijing,

hereby sign this agreement of friendship in order to promote understanding and cooperation between Korcula, Croatia and the communities along the Silk Road and China

  • to promote widespread internationai cultural exchanges through activities, conferences, exhibitions, film production, publishing and editing and events focusing upon Marco Polo's life achievements with the Mongols and their vision and philosophy in bringing together the East and West together,
  • to present and promote the flow of ideas, products and exchanges throughout the 13th and l4th Century and along the Marco Polo and Silk Roads,
  • to strengthen and develop cooperation along the Marco Polo and Silk Roads while organising conferences, events and activities in China, in Korcula, in Croatia and along those roads from Croatia to China, and to Europe.
  • to promote Marco Polo and the Silk Roads cultural wealth further internationaily and in doing so promoting Korcula as an essential stepstone in the promotion of Marco Polo's life achievements.

At Korčula, April 30th 2002.

Stanka & Martina

Stanka Kraljevic, Tourist Board of Korcula, director
Vladimir Depolo, International Marco Polo Center - Korcula, president
Martina Dewsnap & Wang Xingjun, in the name of International Marco Polo and Silk Road Cultural Center - Beijing - China