The Silk Road By Air - Seven Hundred Years

Remembering 700th anniversary of his return to Europe, the town of Korcula celebrates this the whole year with numerous events as concerts, seminars, exhibitions, stamps etc. Even the pop song "700 HUNDRED YEARS" has been composed and put into commercial distribution. Marko Polo has become the trade mark for Korcula and its tourism.

There was once a little boy
On the island on the sea
Times were hard
Harder they couldn't be

When no one in that world
In distant lands believed
When no one, he did, in future believed

Seven Hundred Years
Of dreams and memories
Seven hundred years,
One man and history
Seven hundred years
Of dreams and memories
The times passing by,
Name Marco Polo lives

A Wandering star shines
High in the sky
That boy's face is smiling
Smiling at all of us

When no one in that world
In distant lands believed
When no one, he did, in future believed

  Autor glazbe i stihova Goran Duka
Aranzman i glazbena produkcija Stipica Kalogjera
Izvrsni producent Goran Duka

Massimo Savic,  Zorica Kondza,   Maja Blagdan, Emilia Kokic, Giuliano Djanic, Josipa Lisac, Vinko Coce, Oliver Dragojevic, Ivo Amulic, Jasna Zlokic

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The distances hide the unknown. And they lure the human spirit from the earliest times. But only the bravest ones dare to depart for the infinity, which is something unattainable, unexplored, and therefore dangerous and enveloped by the veil of mystery. These were the reasons to deter many brave thoughts. But they also incited the minority towards the exploits worth of admiration, full of danger, towards the adventures which ended in fiasco or in triumph. Fiasco would cause adventures to fall into oblivion. Triumph would make them immortal heros who brought to humanity, by their risky enterprises, immense benefits and push it towards a prosperous future - a better life for the whole peoples and civilizations.

And what about him?
The hero who brought out, from the ocean of darkness to the daylight, a small spark which would lead others to the future and show them where to go and how to proceed further on.

What would his story be?
As a hero he will keep it for himself and he will be the only one to know how much effort, trouble and sweat he needed to achieve the triumph; how many perils he surmounted, how much fear he suffered and what physical and mental effort he experienced to obtain the warmth of that small spark because of which he will be freed from that uncomely attribute: "the adventurer". And he will be celebrated in future. With reason. He did all what others could not do, and did not even dare to try: he touched the untouchable.

Now when we pass, touching the stars, into the twenty first century, we should remember all those brave and determined , charismatic, staunch and persevering men and women who, by their deeds, have been weaving the threads of the enchanting carpet of current civilization on which we are floating now in time. We owe it to them. We should not forget them but remember them with reverence.

Let us bow in front of them. Let us do this. Because they are part of us.

Goran Duka

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