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Marco Polo - A Never Ending Story
Libretto by: Goran Duka
Music and lyrics by: Teo Trumbić & Goran Duka
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The story is based on the motives of the world known Marco Polo’s book – "Million".
It includes 23 songs in English.

Illustration:  H. Kapelina

  • A journey to the 13th century
  • A journey through the ocean of love and death – the hardest journey
  • Forbidden love of the most famouse world traveler and the Chinese princess
  • A historical spectacle and a time-adventure

About the story

Tom Dolly, an American tourist and a man before bankruptcy, is abandoned by his girl-friend in the town of Korčula. It was his last straw, and he overnights accidentally at the birth place of Marco Polo. The ghost of Marco Polo, discontent for not being buried in his native town, appears in the house in the dead of night. Their unexpected encounter results in the return to the 13th century, at the time when Marco Polo returned from China into Europe. The master of the world, the Mongol ruler Kublai-khan, entrusted him with the task of bringing as the wife the 17-year old Chinese princess Cocachin to the 60-year old Persian khan Argun..

About the authors

Goran Duka wrote the second and the third version of the screenplay for the Croatian film "Madonna" which won the Grand prix on the biggest Croatian film festival – "Pula festival 1999". As a music author he also won the Grand prix on the music festival "Marco Polo fest – Korčula 1996." and the Grand prix on the music festival "Carneval fest – Split 1999."
He is the author of the song "Seven Hundred Years" – English Band-Aid version of Marco Polo’s song, which has been heard on the 600 world wide radio stations in 1995.

Teo Trumbić is a Croatian compositor legend; he won 36 Grand prix’s and many other music awards on the greatest festivals of the former Yugoslavia, Croatia and some other international music awards, too.


The main characters

Marco Polo, Borius (Tom Dolly) – nestorian christian (an American tourist),
Otto – a German singer (meistersinger),Marco’s first friend,
Nicola Polo – Marco’s father, Matteo Polo – Marco’s uncle,
Kublai-khan – the ruler of the world,
Chinese princess Cocachin – king Argun’s future wife,
Chinese princess Manzi – king Argun’s future ,
two gigantic eunuchs – bodyguards of the two princesses,
Ulatai, Apuska, Koya – king Argun’s messengers,
General Bayan-"The Hundred Eyes" – Kublai-khan’s rebellious general,
Mogol the wizard – Bayan’s evil wizard,
Baracuda-"The man from the barrel" – the leader of Bombay pirates,
Pirates leader Devero – the leader of Gudjerat pirates,
King Kiacatu – khan Argun’s brother, Princ Casan – khan Argun’s son.

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The musical "Marco Polo – A Never Ending Story" is possible to realise professionaly in 3 categories; movie, theater, cartoon.
Want to participate?? .. or to help by any means please contact us:

Contact addreses:
c/o Mr. Goran Duka
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