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Wineyards in CaraThe typical vineyard region around the field of CARA is twenty five kilometers away from Korcula. The grapes from these vineyards give the famous Posip and Marastina dry wines. The small XVIIth century "kastel" of the Spanic family lies at the entrance to Cara.

The parish church of Sveti Petar, built in the XVIth century, houses a painting by the Renaissance painter Leonardo Bassano, the XVI century "Prikazanje Isusovo ucenicima" (Visitation of Jesus Christ to His Disciples). The XVIth century church of Gospa Carskoga polja (Our Lady in the Field) is in the vicinity of Cara and contains an impressive marble altar with a colored English bas-relief in alabaster depicting four scenes from the life of Lady Mary. The Franciscan sisters in the house at the very crossroads towards this little church keep the key and open the door for tourists.

Tradition says that in 1686, the Madonna appeared in a small boat to a young shepherd girl in Cavica Luka. The traditional Kumpanija dance is performed in Cara on Saint Peter's Day to the memory to Petar Crnomirovic, who according to legend, was killed because he did not want to give tax to the Venetian prince. After his death, eight of his brothers killed the prince at the place called Maska or Prince's Tomb.

A small road leads to the natural bay of Zavalatica two kilometers from Cara. The shore is now built-up with big modern houses. It was the favorite summer resort of the Korcula poet Petar Kanavelic, who had one of his residences here, at the very end of the bay. A modern restaurant whit two large terraces has been built high above the sea and is an ideal place for trying local specialties and viewing the open sea.