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Lumbarda is a tourist centre at the south-east cape of the Island of Korcula in a South Dalmatia, just 7 km far from the historical town of Korcula.Its 1200 inhabitants are mainly active in the local tourist service but they are also wine-growers, fishermen and stone-dressers.

The scenery around Lumbarda is very picturesque, with indented coast, 20 islets with smooth flat cliffs, old deserted quarries, four tiny sand beaches edged by vineyards known by a famous white wine Grk, clean sea and mild climate, hills and slopes with olive groves, pine wood parks, harmonious stone arhitecture, arheological finds, ancient castels and villae rusticae, tanquility typical of an island, hospitable people who invite you to summer here.

A historical lapidary document, originating from the 4th century B.C., called the Psephism of Lumbarda, concerning the distribution of land and the common law of the Ancient Greek colonists from the island of Vis, was found in the local basilica Koludrt.

Some worldwide famous sculptors like prof. Frano Krsinic, Ivan and Lujo Lozica, a primitive sculptor Ivan Jurjevic Knez and the painter Stipe Nobilo came from Lumbarda.

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