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The main island road bypasses Blato and ends in VELA LUKA, forty two kilometers from Korcula and situated at the end of a big naturally enclosed by the woody island of Osjak. Vela Luka, together with Blato and Korcula, is one of the three island centres with a developed touristic, industrial and urban infrastructure.

Neolithic remains have been found in a cave in Spilinski Rat, while Roman remains, more numerous than Greek ones, have been found in Privala, Tecar, Bradat, Kovnice, Picena, Gradina, Garma, Poplata, Proizd and many other nearby localities. An interesting monument can be visited in Gradina - a small church on an island which was separated from the island of Korcula in the distant past; around the church are the ruins of a monachs' shelter. The oldest preserved building is the "kastel" of the Ismaellis Korcula princes.

Sveti Josip Church was built in the XIXth century when its priest, don. Petar Jokovic, took advantage of the visit of the archduke Francis Karlo, the father of the emperor Francis Joseph, and asked for help in building the church. Before that services were held in the XVIth century church of Sveta Vicenca.

The "Posejdon" hotel, with its private pebble beach, is situated on the North part of the Vela Luka bay and is open all throughout the year. The "Korkyra" hotel, situated in the very centre of the town, is also the town meeting point and has a cafe much frequented by the people of Vela Luka and the tourists. A small boat runs between the "Korkyra" and "Posejdon" hotels to shorten the long walk around the whole bay. Fish specialities are offered in the popular restaurants. The primordial nature around Vela Luka has been preserved untouched, as it was, for example, during the time of the Romans, these wellknown "bonvivants" who knew how to choose a suitable place for their stay and entertainment between frequent wars. One such place is the island of Proizd immediately outside the Vela Luka bay. All kinds of fish and meat specialities can be found in a specialized "barbecue" restaurant after swimming in incredibly clear sea water and sun-bathing on the white stones of Proizd.

A small boat takes passengers from Vela Luka quay ("riva"). Another larger island, Osjak, has a preserved forest and is also suitable for swimming and sun-bathing.  The modern "Kalos" health centre is built at the end of the Vela Luka bay and takes advantage of the layers of medicinal mud and wells of mineral water. Rheumatic ailments and sterility are cured here and daily recreational therapy and medical checkups are also provided.

In the Plitvina Cove, the comfortable "Adria" hotel is found, with 250 beds, an indoor pool, terrace, and trim salon. It's tourist contents are especially enriched by the recreational/medicinal tract with the latest equipment and a specialized out-patients clinic for the healing of respiratory illnesses.

The "Greben" shipyard produces big and small plastic boats, various sailing boats and the fireproof life boats which have a world-wide reputation. The Museum collection is part of the Cultural Centre, an institute which organizes painting exhibitions of native and foreign masters. This collection can be proud of an international gallery of donated paintings, graphics, sculptures, among which especially outstanding is the smaller sculpture by Henry Moore. Also represented here are models of ships from the earliest period up to the present day, archaeological finds, of which the most important are from Vela Spilja - cave (ceramics, stone, tin, bones), and the international collection of mosaics. The painter Anka Sepe-Prizmic exhibits in her gallery paintings of fishermen and farm labourers of this area through history. This life was also made eternal in Sime Vucetic's poems full of Mediterranean life juices. The most impressive of contemporary painters from Vela Luka is Izvor Oreb, who lives in Zagreb, who, with his Dalmatian motives in the postmodernistic style, draws the attention of the public of both Croatia and the World.

The Vela Luka inhabitants are well known sportsmen, especially in rowing, soccer and waterpolo. Perica Vlasic from Vela Luka was the European champion in single scull rowing.

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