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ViganjViganj is situated 8 km from Orebic. This is another village with an impressive maritime tradition which suffered severely at the time of the decline of sailing ships.
Viganj transformed itself to a wonderful orchard and botanical garden, and its considerate seamen bring to their homes, from their cruising over the world seas, beautiful and miraculous fruit-trees and flowers.
Above Viganj, there lie old villages on the walking path: Basina, Kovacevici, Kraljevica selo, Sapetino selo, Podac and Dol. The Peljesac Channel ends at the Promontory of Saint John. Not far from the road, there is the old church of Saint John, and under it are the remnants of the gun battery of the imperial Austrian navy. One of the most beautiful small beaches of the Peljesac Channel extends under these rocks. The road climbs from here to Nakovanj.

Nakovanj is one of the oldest villages of this region, cattle-raising village from times immemorial, and today it is practically deserted. There are numerous archeological finds around Nakovanj, as well as the significant Illyrian settlement Grad. The way descends from Nakovanj towards Loviste.

Kuciste is situated on the road to Loviste, 6 km from Orebic. This wonderful calm village with the maritime tradition has a beautiful Baroque church of Holy Trinity from 1752 - the work of the local builders - and the house of the trading family Lazarovic and also attractive captains houses. The picturesque small shelters for boats - "vlake" - will also attract the attention of the visitor. Older villages Zukovac and Bilopolje are above Kuciste. The road along the seaside leads further to Viganj, from which Kuciste is separated by Liberan - the small promontory with white pebble beach, which, under the strokes of south and west winds, twists, changes its shape and returns to its previous state again.