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PUPNAT is situated 12 kilometers away from Korcula. The Illyrians lived here in the area of Mocila, where remains of burial mounds were found, where bodies were placed in a hunched position, in accordance with the custom of burying their dead.

The Pupnat location was cleverly chosen in that it was not noticed from the sea side and in this way was protected from pirates. The name Pupnat derives from "pampinata"- vine leaves. The church of Gospa od snijega (Our Lady of the Snow), the parish church, was built in the XVllth century. There is also the XIVth century church of Sveti Juraj, the church of Sveti Roko and the chapel of Gospa od Lurda (Our Lady of Lourdes).

The women from Pupnat were bringing, on their mules and donkeys, wood for heating to Korcula, The agriculture is not developed properly as there are no bigger fields around the village. Today, many men and women from Pupnat work in the Korcula hotels, offices and the shipyard. Pupnat is the starting point for attractive walking: from the village to the top of the island, Klupca (568 m), from the village to the village of Racisce on the north coast, from the village to the valley of Zukovica on the south coast, and by the prehistoric walking island way to the town of Korcula (the walking takes approximately 3 hours).

There is a new road from Pupnat to Cara, which can also be reached by the old road along the sea side. This serpentine road passes Pupnatska Luka, definitely the most beautiful bay on the island. It is well worth the effort of descending and ascending the steep goat path to be able to swim in the clear bay far away from traffic and noise.

PUPNATSKA LUKA - the most beautiful bay on the island