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Racisce is situated 12 kilometers from Korcula. It is a place of hardy seamen and vineyards, which was settled by fugitives from Hercegovina and the coastal region of Makarska at the end of the XVIIth century. Legends say that the seamen called Racisce it's "port of salvation". Even today, it serves to navigators as a shelter from winds from the E, SE, and S directions.

In Racisce, there is an old church dating from the end of the XVIIth century, Sveti Vlaho's Church, with a loggia and the newly built parish church of Sveti Nikola.

The small ·Mediteran· hotel is the place where foreign tourists and the people from Racisce meet. Accommodation can also be arranged in private houses through the tourist society. The stone quay is mostly used for "trabakule", the wooden boats which served to the people from Racisce for transport and trade.

Not far from the village, there is the cove of Vaja, which was famous for white stone prepared in the nearby stone quarries. Its crystal clear water provides a perfect place for swimming, as does the cove of Samograd, which has a natural cave nearby whose entrance is covered by bush.

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