Ive Mirosevic Barcos
Selected Poetry
by Ive Mirosevic-Barcos
Ive Mirosevic, pen name Barcos de Croata, born 1938 in Vela Luka on the island of Korcula, Croatia.
Marine Engineer and Surveyor with duties in his native Croatia, Canada, Japan, Spain, United States, has also traveled to various corners of the world and speaks several languages.
Married with Karenza and daughters Melaina and Mireille.
A distinguished Member of The international Society of Poets, composes poetry in English and Croatian languages, with dedication to human struggle, rebirth of Croatian nation, life and stewardship of mankind to the sea; uniqueness of Mediterranean world, it's environment and civilization.
Since 1990 his poetry is published in several anthologies, nominated for Editor's Prize Award by International Society of Poetry and Poetry Guild of America. The following is an extract of poems from his book to be published, titled: "Adriatic Bondage and the Verses .."

Dare to dream of true love for the sea.
Follow the winds, follow the fish
Talk to the old olive tree by the sea.

Dancing on the waves
High crests of azure, true aquamarine.
Immerse yourself in jewel
Of pristine Adriatic sea
A poem appearing
From the fragrance of sea
On the palm of your hands.

My boat talks to depths of the past
Keel, frames, figureheads, shelves and planks
Deep down to days past;
Souls with saws in their hands
The motion of adzes in organic timber
The saga of natives
The craftsmanship unique of shipyards well known
In places and beyond Korcula shores.

Dare to sail paradise
Continue the journey of island's people.

Barcos de Croata
- 14 Aug. 1998

Rain shelter hut



The whispering music
Is still in my ears
Since early childhood
Of your gentle waves
Caressing white and rugged shores
Memories of sun and color;
The most azure of all seas
In the vast kingdom of Poseidon.

The rage of your storms
Made me fearless, romantic, wise and strong.
Mirror peace of your summer morning lulls
Made me forgiving, loving
And Christian believing.

The nostalgia for you is carved in my heart
Baptism is performed long ago
The bond is like that of Salmon
In the last swim upstream of known river;
For me this is coming home, on thy shores
Just for a last time
Sail off to the island of Proizd
To catch my daily meals.
I am thankful for your blessings
Because you taught me never to steal
To respect each other is part of our deal.

Barcos de Croata
-January 1995


The old neglected tree stood there
Fruit hanging
Overflowing sweet nectar from wounds
Feeding colorful birds
Chirping symphony
From the world of their nursery.
Harmonic sound of lazy sea waves
Uplifting my thoughts high in clouds above
To the sun to melt my last anger.

The smell obsessing
Was hanging in the air:
Of rosemary, lavander, wild sage
All found their homage
Under canopy of overgrown blackberries
In my long neglected vineyard by the sea.

Black bird landed in a basin of water
What element of nature dug in limestone
Splashing drops around
Wild country
Yet that was my home
Feeling is overhelming
Of my mother still being around.

I hear and smell in distance
The breath of freedom
The laugh of youth playing on the beach
Appearance of a young girl
bursting freshness from her white teeth
Returning her smile to me.

I sensed freedom radiating from her blue eyes.
Beautiful blonde hair
In gust of wind was pleading
Never for us Croats
To be leaving
These fascinating shores
given to us by our God alone
To be our dwelling, our vineyard
And all that Croatia is about.

Barcos de Croata
-Oct. 27,1996

Coming home, Country road




Step out please
And comfort the ocean of life.
Unique, standing there alone.......Maybe?
In expanse of the Milky Way
Known to be our home.

Befriend huge mammals
With large and gentle heart
And those with brains
Brave, dancing in formation
Playfully flipping their salutation.

Follow the flight of an Albatros
Against morning sun
The search of seagull
For surface fish, or
The surfer cutting blue foam
Of the wave crest
On a misty morning.

Take a look at the rolling waves of the ocean.
See ships, sails, oily engines
Slick hulls with powerful turbines
Driving masive wheels
All pondering in rythmic pulse
Of large steel hearts
In explosive stroke
Revolving, forged
Negotiating ocean distance
In grasp of motion.

Join now past and present
Voyages of Noah, Oddissey
And Jesus the Galilean
Remember thereafter
The apprenticeship of russian Czar
In the country of windmills in lowlands.

Tall ships were built to forge the nations
Voyages were made to distant islands
Guided with the presence of daring
For now no modern nation
Could stand on her feet
Without the legacy of her fleet.


Separate the beat of life
From darkness, keeling and death, O, Bosnia.

Compassion is left
For dear God alone in thy espanse.

Give orders for skies to clear
For birds to fly and sing undisturbed.

Rugged mountains and deep valleys
Put to still and rest
For deer and bear to roam
On unreal day of feast
In symbol of dove with an olive branch.

Trade a thousand guns
For a single day of peace
Do not run forever, Bosnia.
Build bridges over new rivers of love
Of fallen daughters and sons.

Wipe forever stormy and painful days of blood
Settle for freedom and rule
The forged beat of the human heart
For centuries to come.

Ive Mirosevic-Barcos
November 1995


My God, you are everywhere
Your love dwells abundantly in your people's heart.
You communicate over expanse of sea shore
Slamming in thunderous waves
The noise of horns, grunting air in high rocky gorge
The pebbles raging, rolled in crushing motion
Leaving beads in puzzle like setting
To be red and still understood.
The lonesome tree trembling in the wind on high cliff
The seagulls squawks, lamenting notes in a crying storm
These sounds, the symphony of the sea, inscribed in the sand
The mighty book of your creation.

Your love is a never ending communion
Of the sea extending a hand to the rugged shore
Sprying drops in splashes of blessings
In electrified air, lighting of the skies
Bringing peaceful calm of tomorrow
For fishermen to walk the beach, hauling in their catch
That of the young lovers
To share your wit of the sea, kissing the virgin shore
Time and time again
For us to learn your mighty bond
Until the end of time.


You came forward as trusted witness
To tell us what we should do, or not do?
In last defenses of our country
Accusing us, for our cannons were aimed
At the heart of our enemies
Longer than deemed necessary.

We should have aimed the armor
To the incoming wind, in Don Quixote's style
And declare that enemies
Being again our blood brothers
During the heart of ongoing battle
Liberators that is
The founders of perpetual struggle.

The right way, would be pleasing
To the subjects of an arogant domain
That we showed the heart of weaklings
Inflicting on us wrath accepting the punishment
And continued our suffering
With the heads down in the gutters.

Proclaim the message about bravery
From the masters of modern strategy
And final heroic victories
Paid in blood of fearless sons and daughters
To defend our Croatian homeland.
There were not present any act of malice
Only a pure defender's caprice
To create space for a just genuine and durable peace.


In the center of that bay a tree stands
Having appearance of daring
Which recorded the gentleness
And the thoughts of your heart
Absorbed during your long voyage.

That harbor which harbors your people and their dead
Conveying the blessing of God almighty
The salute of peace that island will observe
Because you took with you the root of that tree
Secured in a corner of your heart
>From the homeland of gratitude
the land of Croatia.


O island of rugged and white shores
Appearing in our dreams, washed in foam of the sun
Transgressing noisy waves, spreading enchanted blue
As far as the eye can see.
An inviting herbal smell
Of sage, lavander and linden in bloom
The citrus trees occupying thy bays and hills.

The harmonic sounds of youth's voices
Accompanied by strings, the sounds of mandolin
Floating overhelming in the night air
Touching to inner depths, the feeling of heart
Inflaming the passion of life
Coming from sparks of acient pride from thy people
Cherishing tradition of trade, liberty and navigation.

The life in thee dated from age of neolithics
As found in the Great Cave
The arrival of triremes was another milestone
Of wine being filled in amphors
Smell of pine bark and oakum caulk
Grill's smoke of sardines.

Your forest was cut in right season
To create construction parts of galleons
By using long saws and adzes on a hot summer day.
The oars made, were long and heavy
To enable loaded ship to reach the speed
To trespass unknown leagues of the sea.

We, thy people are mindful to preserve
Your nature, uniqueness of life on thee
Clear sunny skies and just peace
On the last frontier of land in ardent sea.



Hull old, rattling in yawning motions
Negotiating large waves
Taking each breath through stormy madness.
Anchors are rattling
Chains are sounding last call of bells.
The bow charging summits
The battleground
In ocean fuzzy rhythmic of Cape Horn
Punta Arenas, port of call.

Mark of paws in fresh virgin snow
Of tired dogs, the forerunners of Poseidon
Snapping the air, crisp of world within.
The known world ends here
And oily ropes of uknown begin.
The glacier appears majestic
The message avalanched
Milling through countryside
vast land belonging to brave people, sea creatures
and prominent muscles.

The land of fires
Forgiving and promising
To natives and ships of nations.
Wind of Pampas unfurling rough song.
The timid voices, warm and very kind
calling on us
In our mother tongue.
Croatian soothing, like a beautiful song
And salute us from far away
At the very end known.
Croatians love to share love
without prejustice
With living world everywhere.


Radiant resembling the look of freedom
Appearance of a mother, ageless tree
Fitting the robe of times
Stands in harmony with nature
Surrounded by walls and tilled roofs
Of an old mission.

It's branches recognize the winds, the clouds
Trunk massive
Witnessing presence of an illumination
Burning for peace, call of the dove
Prayers and penance, presence of angels
The air of eternal match of humans, nature and souls.

The silence is overwhelmed
Yet I greeted tree, as I used my own kin.
Remember me, for our relationship runs deep,
Coming from the Mediterranean region
Landscape abundant with age long freedom.

Listening to the olive tree is a mighty feeling,
Different to that of human dealings.

Memory of humans happens to be so short
Age of oil are many millennia long.
Our oil is not only used for food
It was light in homes of rich and poor
The scholars studied their lessons
Vast knowledge was transferred
Spending the nights in front of candles
Of genuine oil
We remain gentle, and above all very kind
To all of mankind.

Ive Mirosevic- Barcos
July 20, 1996

Olive tree doctors



Zajedničaru, Glasilu Hrvatske Bratske Zajednice
Pittsbourgh, Pensilvania SAD.

Povodom smrti hrvatskog pisca i pjesnika
gospodina Vinka Nikolića, u izrazu dubokog saučešća
poštovanja i zahvalnosti, molimo Vas da uvrstite ova sjećanja:


Vaše riječi odvedu nas
Stazama prejakim
Domovine nam vrletne i prelijepe.
Hrastovlje i jasenje
Prozbori kroz potoke muka i krvi.

Iz slapa prošlosti prodire Vaša ljubav
Šireći niti na skupu najnježnijih osjećaja
Kroz riječi Vaše, što se ne zaboravljaju.

I zato primite naše hvala, junače iz Doca
Od onih kojih niste sreli
A bijahu istom Vaši suborci i braća
Jer domovina je samo jedna
Hrvatska, mater naša
U srcu tinja vavik njezina vatra.

Ponosnog čela trčali smo bezpućem hladim
Do zadnjeg daha
Jer riječima svojim
Ugrijali ste im razum, Barba
Na ognjištu drevnom
Bez straha od onih
Što mrze ili nepoznaju velebna djela
Niti krajolike ove.
I andjeo dodje i povede Vašu hrvatsku dušu.
Počivajte u miru, Gospodnjem.

Ive Mirošević- Barcos,
8 kolovoza 1997

Copyright C 1998 by Ive Mirosevic
Ive Mirosevic: ivan.mirosevic@du.hinet.hr