KidCast for peace, KORČULA - CROATIA

Town Korcula
This is the place where we all live! Nice, isn't it?

Hello, here we are!

Tomy's vision of love.

Ivana Klisura with Love

Josipa Favro for Kids

Slavica want to play with you!

Ivana's hearts

Hello friends ...

Look at my homework ..

Hi, I'm Kristina .. ..

My colors for ..

We are the power ..

Lana's dots.

My name is Vanna ..

My name is Daniela ..

My fish and birds ....

My bird's name is Andrea ..

Hello, I'm Pjer ...

Hello to all small ...

Living all together in love...

Don't waste food, ...

My country ...

Created thanks to: Ivo Maricic, Fani Ivelja, Mira Sale, Dragoslava Radovanovic - nice people teaching this kids.